Where is it made and what drivers are you using?

FlipEars is made in the Philippines. Just like the drivers we use, which is Sonion and Knowles, these balanced armature drivers are also made in Cebu City and Batangas City, Philippines.

How long is the turnaround time?

The turnaround time varies due to our lab’s workload. It usually takes 30 to 45 working days.

Do you have an express service to speed up the process?

Yes. For only 99 USD, we can do a rush build in 5 to 7 days.

What shipping method do you use for international orders?

We use DHL express, which takes 2-3 days to arrive in your doorsteps. Shipping fee varies depending on the country of destination.

What connectors and cables do you use?

Our default connector is 2-pin. We use a very high quality silver-plated copper cable in all models. The 2-pin female socket size is 0.78mm with cable length of 1.2 meters. Our cables have 3.5mm jack.

Note: Although, we use very high quality female sockets, we suggest not to detach your cables unnecessarily. When female sockets get loose, they will not be covered by the warranty. Please refer to our warranty page.

We offer 2-pin socket replacement starting at $79. This service includes rebuffing and recoating of the shell/s.

What materials do you use in your shells?

We use biocompatible and hypoallergenic acrylic materials to make you custom FlipEars.

Can we customize the faceplate? Can we choose different colors for each ear?

We have more than 30 shell colors for you to choose from. These plain colors are free by default when you buy any of our products.

We also have 16 premium faceplates. Premium faceplates have an additional fee of $50.

Yes you can customize your faceplates according to your preference. Your limitation will be your imagination. Custom artworks have an additional fee of $50.

You can also choose different colors for each side of the ear without additional fees. Except, if you choose to have custom artwork and premium faceplates, additional fees apply.

What file format do you require for custom artwork?

We suggest for you to send us high-resolution PNG, JPG, and GIF files. If you can provide PSD layered files, that is also acceptable. For emblems and logos, please send your artwork without the background. Custom artwork has an additional fee of $50.

How comfortable is it to wear a custom-fit FlipEars?

Custom-fit in ear monitors are more comfortable to wear than universal in ear monitors. Although, it takes some getting-used-to especially when it is your first time to have custom in ear monitors. Give it a little time for your ears to adjust, and you will eventually feel as if they have disappeared in your ear. It takes a while to learn how to insert or remove them. There are a couple of YouTube videos explaining how to wear custom in ear monitors or CIEM.

If you are feeling discomfort or sharp pain, please contact us and we will work with you to solve this problem consequently.

I have a problem with the fit, what shall I do?

There are many factors affecting the fit: extreme weight loss or weight gain; ear infection; swimmer’s ear, dry and excessive earwax, et. Al. We will do fit adjustment for free for newly acquired FlipEars. (Please check our warranty page)

Note: Customers shall shoulder the shipping fee of their FlipEars to our laboratory. We will also cover the shipping when we ship them back to the customer.

For customers with expired 30-day fit warranty, we offer fit-adjustment, which has a flat rate of $79.

I have a problem with the drivers of my FlipEars, how can I have it repaired?

If your FlipEars are still under warranty, we guarantee to repair or replace them for free. Please send us your FlipEars for an evaluation or diagnosis of the damage. Please contact us and we will work with you to fix your CIEM.

Note: Customers shall shoulder the shipping fee of their FlipEars to our laboratory. We will also cover the shipping when we ship them back to the customer.

How long is the canal of you custom-fit FlipEars?

Ear impressions done by audiologist go past the second bend. This is very important; we will be able to know where to properly orient the sound tube. We cut the impressions just few millimeters after the 2nd bend to make it comfortable to wear.

Can a local audiologist make minor fit adjustment to avoid the hassle of returning my FlipEars to your lab? Will my warranty be void?

FlipEars will not shoulder or cover any cost to make fit adjustments by 3rd party lab or person. Your fit-warranty will also be void when repaired by 3rd party lab or a person.

The warranty of the drivers are still in effect. Except for damages caused by the 3rd party lab; be it damage in aesthetics/shell appearance, fit, driver failure, and clogged driver tubes.

Do you re-shell other brands?

Yes, we offer re-shelling services for as long as they have BALANCED ARMATURE drivers in them. We neither re-shell dynamic drivers nor hybrid DD-BA drivers. Re-shelling fee varies on number of drivers, customization, replacement drivers, and other upgrades. Contact us for a quotation.

Who pays for the shipping and customs fee?

The customers shall be responsible for the shipping fee and customs duties and taxes of their purchases.

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