FlipEars Aim is a quad-driver custom in ear monitor. Among the FlipEars line up, Aim is the most neutral and accurate. This is definitely for audiophiles and musicians looking for an articulate and analytical sound. You will surely love the crisp and clear mid to high frequencies. Aim offers amazing high end extension without being hard and harsh. FlipEars AIM Technical Specification: Sensitivity: 118dB Impedance: 31 ohms @1kHz Frequency Response: 10Hz-20kHz Noise Isolation: -26dB Features: Custom-fit monitors based on customer’s ear impressions Transducer: Four advanced miniature balanced armature drivers Transducer configuration: 2-low, 1-mid, 1-high Dual Bore Design 3-way passive crossover Hypoallergenic, biocompatible acrylic shells Warranty: 1-year Parts (inside the shell) and Labor Fit-Warranty: 1 month