These are not your ordinary-generic-earphones. These are not something a machine can do.

Martin Nievera (Concert King)

“FlipEars is sounding better than ever!  It’s been my stage buddy for years.”

Matteo Guidicelli

“FlipEars Alpha is Ecstacy! Listening to them on and off stage is euphoric.”

Piolo Pascual

“Life saver on stage. Big crowd? No problem! My FlipEars sounds crystal clear.”

Barbie Almalbis (Singer-songwriter)

“Amazing Worksmanship. Sounds really good!”

KZ Tandingan (X-Factor Philippines Grand Champion)

“Ive been using flipears for almost 2 years now and they’ve been really helpful. I hear myself clearly when I sing, and I dont have to scream over guitar amps and wedges.”

Ebe Dancel (Singer-songwriter)

“FlipEars saved my voice! Thanks to my FlipEars!”

Like your finger prints, your ear impressions are unique. CIEMs give you better comfort, better seal, better sound, and better noise isolation.

FlipEars is the first Filipino company to manufacture universal and custom in-ear monitors in the country!

Founded by singer-songwriter Aries Sales, it was with great pride and honour to come up with the name FlipEars, as a tribute to the Filipinos heart and passion for great music, having a high standard for sound quality and music appreciation.

Having music as his first language, Aries applies his knowledge in music in his IEM craft. Being a live performer and a recording artist, not to mention his know-how of mixing live sound front of house (FOH), gives him the edge of knowing what musicians and audiophiles alike want to hear.

With this, he came up with a wide range of options for various people with different sound preferences – different IEM tunings from neutral to having more bass, mid centric, analytical to V-shaped – FlipEars has everything to offer on the table.

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